Our Process

Our Process

Mediatech Inc. has been built on a number of key characteristics :


During the establishment of Mediatech Digital Solutions, our team worked very hard to recognize everything required for a successful business ranging from client-organization values to small and large targets. Our prime aim is to understand our clients before we start to work with them. We conduct client and team meetings where every team member informs the client about its role in the given project. This process is to maintain transparency and to ensures a strong mutual trust between the client and the team. We discuss everything from design and development, creative and technical work, marketing strategies, and project deadlines and cost.


Our team begins by spotting the valuable remaining content like logos, color, typeface and do the visual development. At this level creative designers takes several distinctive phases depending upon the objective or goals of the project like interactive web design, print, inbound marketing, branding e-commerce. In order to evaluate our task, we exhibit our designs to our clients. And they tell us about the changes to be made like modifying existing designs or copies or do some adjustments if required before moving to development stage.


After the confirmation of the designs and content we begin with development stage to offer best quality user interface experience to our clients. Usually our clients approach us for specific deadlines and our dedicated and hardworking team meet their expectations by completing the given target in given time with similar perfection. To increase the effectiveness and efficiency during the development, we set the standards for site interaction containing engineering, production, beta and alpha testing. Mediatech is known for its quality and we do not release the site until it reaches our client expectations.


After covering all the above levels, we come to the favorite part of the process. To ensure quality, we arrange after meetings with of our similar team that joined the client at the start of the project to know the any last minute changes and reviews. The website go with a final quality check round before the delivery. We get to know our weaknesses and make the necessary improvements in the future projects by evaluating everything.


After the successful site launch, we start the process of tracking website success by using existing analytics and other tracking methods. Intense relationship with the client is the key to our long term success. We take all the appreciation from our client and keep moving with similar dedication on every other project.

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